I had a saddle fitting for Walker last weekend and am amazed by the noticeable difference even by my limited riding skills.

I used Kelly Robinson of Optimum Saddle Service who I highly recommend. I met her through a friend who is a very advanced rider with multiple fancy (code for expensive) show jumping horses. You each know how I drive for the exacting details to be specific and clear; I have now watched and worked with Kelly and both times she has been generous with her knowledge and exceeded my high expectations.

Kelly can likely handle several fittings per visit.

She is not pushing any single vendor and can help you source used saddles (brought a car full with her) or help you specify a custom fit saddle. Additionally, many using saddles which have not been flocked for years.

Because of Walker’s narrow confirmation I am having a custom saddle built from a template designed by Kelly and will have it final fitted in about 30 days. Let me know if you want to sign up for a slot during that visit.

We owe it to our horses – heck, it is the least we can do since they’re letting us ride on their backs! Brad

My horse, Reece, is so much happier now and comfortable, ever since Optimum re-flocked his saddle. It was an amazing transformation! What a difference!!! Thank you!

Thank you for helping me find the perfect saddle for my horse!


I used Kelly at Optimum Saddle Services to repair and re flock a few saddles for me. She did an amazing job. She is extremely professional, easy to work with and got everything done in a timely manner. I will absolutely use her services for all of my saddle fitting and repairs in the future. I highly recommend Optimum Saddle Services. Thank you so much for all your help Kelly!!