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Adam Ellis Saddlery

Adam Ellis is a member of the Society of Master Saddlers which has for many years been recognized worldwide as a guarantee of experience and quality. Adam knows horses well, as he has been involved with Sport horses globally for a number of years, and his vast experience has translated to a talent to design and manufacture top saddles to suit horse types and rider requirements. UK Saddles Ltd. can offer a very impressive export service to Retail saddlery outlets, and are always happy to discuss specific Client’s requirements.

The company was founded in 1999, and now are world renowned bespoke saddlery makers, having many established clients in the USA, Canada, Australia, NewZealand as well as Europe. As well as his impressive catalogue of saddle models for dressage, jumping, polo, racing, pony and all-purpose, UK Saddles offer an excellent range of top quality bridlework, with regular, dressage and eventing girths, stud guards, stirrup leathers, and other essential items.

Adam Ellis fine range of saddle models includes some very popular items, such as the Kemlyn Dressage and the Olympus Dressage, both models with features designed to suit the needs of the modern, serious dressage rider. Adam’s range of jumping saddles includes an excellent ‘French style’ close-contact saddle, finished in beautiful leathers with a lambswool flocked panel.

UK Saddles are devoted to delivering a great service to horse & rider with Adam taking the leading role in discussing requirements, with the ability to advise, using his vast equestrian and saddlery experience. A saddlemaker who knows horses well always has the best knowledge base to advise and assist a potential saddle buyer to find the very best saddle for their horse and the rider. Adam is a horseman and a saddlemaker.