Why should I get my saddle fitted and adjusted?

Each horse has a unique structure and uses their body differently. When a saddle fits properly it does inhibit the horse’s natural movement and therefore does not inflict pain on the horse’s back. The demands on performance horses are high and as a result their soundness and health of their back is affected by the quality of their saddle fit.

How often should I get my saddle adjusted?

Ideally a horse should have their saddle checked every six months. If a horse is working at a more intensive level more frequent adjustments may be necessary.

What is a re-flock?

A Re-flock is when the old wool is removed from the panels of the saddle and new wool is replaced. Wool is a wonderful option to use as it can be customized to the unique characteristic of a horses’ back and is comfortable for both horse and rider. Wool, like any other material needs to be changed from time to time depending on the frequency of saddle use.

When should I get my saddle re-flocked?

When panels become compressed, firm, or lumpy it is time to get the saddle re-flocked.

What are Saddle Conversions?

Saddles that have panels such as CAIR panels can be converted to a wool flocked panel by having the CAIR panel removed and wool skillfully added. Many endurance riders prefer this conversion as it helps to keep their horse comfortable when riding for long and strenuous rides.

How do I know if I need new billets?

Billets are a key component to any English saddle and just like stirrup leathers need to be replaced when they become too stretched out, or begin to wear thin in areas.