KellyFor the past twenty years, Kelly Robinson has been in professional training for hunter/jumpers and dressage. In doing so, she started to see a trend in how equine sport related injuries can be caused by a poorly fitted saddle. Those horses often express their unaddressed pain by acting out behaviorally. So often these behavioral expressions of pain go unnoticed and are often confused with traits such as stubbornness or lack of work ethic.

The gift a horse gives to its rider is unspoken. This special bond has inspired Kelly Robinson to dedicate her career to giving back to our equine companions and pursue ways to insure their comfort and health. In addition to completing her certification as a Saddle Fitter she has apprenticed under a Certified Saddle Fitter and a Master Saddle Fitter. Kelly is trained to do complete re-flocks, billet repairs, and some saddle repairs as well. She is committed to the pursuit of continued advancements in the equine industry and strives to further her skill set by pursuing advanced training. Kelly is an independent fitter so as to remain unbiased to any specific saddle company brand.

After completing her Master’s Degree Kelly began to pursue a career in the Equine Industry. Horses have been a lifelong passion of her’s. Kelly’s current project is starting a young Friesian under saddle. He is being trained in hunter/ jumper, dressage, and trail riding.